Are you ready for TrustedLogin? 🔐

I’m delighted to share some big news: TrustedLogin will begin going live in July soon.

TrustedLogin is the easy and secure way for WordPress plugins, themes, agencies, and hosts to request access to customers’ websites. After two years in development, we’re ready to go live.

Here’s what our launch timeline looks like:

  1. First, we’re going to be releasing our integration with the GravityView plugin to ensure TrustedLogin is a great experience for customers and support agents.
  2. Later this summer, we’ll be working with select plugins and themes to get their integrations up-and-running during an early access period.
  3. Finally, we’ll be releasing TrustedLogin to the world.

TrustedLogin is designed to be simple. It’s built for scale and engineered for security. I’m thrilled to get TrustedLogin into your hands soon.

– Zack Katz, founder

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