Why TrustedLogin?

Asking for credentials bogs down 10% of our tickets.

Here are the numbers for the GravityView plugin support team:

  • It takes 4.2 replies to resolve tickets that require credentials
  • It takes 1.7 replies to resolve tickets not asking for credentials

Requiring credentials adds at least two more replies to a process, which adds a lot of staff time. This amounts to 9 extra days to resolve.

At GravityView, we try to replicate customer issues without asking for a login, but often we are unable to reproduce issues. So we ask for an administrator-level login to debug.

That request for credentials increases resolution time, handle time, and adds a burden to the customer before we are able to address the problem.

This round-trip request for credentials causes tickets to be closed more slowly and it takes more time for our support team.

Oh, and emailing credentials is totally insecure. Storing them as a note in a help desk is also not secure. Not to mention that email itself is unreliable on our customer’s sites!

Asking for credentials is no good…

There are many reasons we don’t want access to a site:

  • Takes the customer time to generate and share credentials
  • Requires the customer have a certain level of technical ability
  • Exposes the business to liability if something were to happen to the site
  • Exposes the support agent to sensitive customer information they don’t need to provide support (like eCommerce or priveleged information)
  • Is likely GDPR incompliant

Why not OneTimeSecret.com?

A lot of customer support professionals I speak to use something like OneTimeSecret.com—the user generates a login and then copies and pastes the login and password into OneTimeSecret.

  • The secret expires, but the login does not; that login will remain, and your support staff is on the hook for deleting it after they’re done (they won’t!)
  • The secrets are hosted on someone else’s site. Want to self-host? That’s a huge headache. I hope you know Ruby!
  • It takes the customer time. The customer still needs to create the user account, define the roles.
  • The roles are too broad, and will give you access to the site you don’t need. This makes your support process a liability.

There must be a better way to ask for admin credentials.

Me; GravityView founder and TrustedLogin creator

TrustedLogin solves your support bottleneck.

Reduce ticket time-to-resolve while improving security.

Requesting credentials, customers creating logins and then having the credentials emailed to you is a huge support bottleneck. TrustedLogin dramatically reduces the overhead of customer support. You already have saved replies. You already have auto-responders. You may have a flow already for requesting credentials. But you don’t have TrustedLogin.

Using TrustedLogin will save you time and money, guaranteed. And as a perk? It’s way more secure.

It’s easy to set up, and I am confident you will wonder “Why didn’t people do this before?” and start improving your support flow!

Request early access below:

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