Finally: an easy, secure way for support to access customer websites.

TrustedLogin is the answer your WordPress business has been looking for. Get started today:

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The hassle of requesting credentials is over.

Make it simple for customers to grant you access to their site, and shave hours off your average support times.

Here’s was a common timeframe for us at GravityKit:

  • The customer submits a ticket overnight. Time to resolve: 8 hours
  • We investigate and realize we need site access. We email the customer and ask them to create a login. Time to resolve: 8.25 hours
  • The customer responds with a login hours later. Time to resolve: 12 hours
  • Sometimes the login doesn’t work. Another round of emails. Time to resolve: 16 hours

This time sink is eliminated with TrustedLogin. The customer submits a ticket, clicks an auto-generated link, and we have temporary access to their site.

Perfect for plugin and theme developers, agencies, hosting companies, and anyone who provides support.

You want tickets closed fast. You want reduced replies to resolve. Having a better way for customers to grant you access to their sites is the single biggest win out there.

Security is baked-in. TrustedLogin is the safest and easiest way to share access.

  • Grant temporary access that auto-destructs Your customers can choose how long to provide access for.
  • No passwords are emailed or stored TrustedLogin is like OAuth for support.
  • Grant only the capabilities you know you’ll need No more having customers grant you Administrator access. Need more capabilities? It’s easy to request more permissions from the customer.
  • Give customers a better understanding of what you are asking for. You’ll be able to tell users why you need the permissions you are requesting. That type of transparency is more important now than ever.
  • Once you’re done with support, easily remove your access from your support desk. It’s so easy to get credentials with TrustedLogin that you won’t want to keep access open on their site.
  • No passwords are stored.