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Secure logins for the leading WordPress DXP platform.

The Open Source osDXP project is an enterprise-grade, vendor-agnostic Digital Experience Platform for WordPress.

osDXP has partnered with TrustedLogin to provide industry-leading security that SMEs expect.

Benefits of using TrustedLogin when sharing credentials

  • Enterprise-grade security
    TrustedLogin removes attack vectors that exist when granting access to a website.
  • GDPR peace of mind
    When granting access to your site with TrustedLogin, you are in control. No more blanket authorizations when sharing a login.
  • Standardized Procedures
    You can tell your team not to share plain-text credentials anymore: when granting access to the site, use TrustedLogin.

TrustedLogin partners with plugin authors, agencies, hosting companies, and enterprise to make supporting WordPress simpler and more secure. We are proud to be partnering with osDXP, the leading Open Source DXP platform.