Companies and users trust TrustedLogin when sharing site access.

TrustedLogin generates secure, encrypted logins. Sharing access is easier, faster, and more secure when using TrustedLogin.

πŸ”’ Is TrustedLogin safe?

Yes! TrustedLogin is the safest way to share logins in WordPress.

TrustedLogin works by combining multiple pieces of a puzzle together. Only the company providing you with support can log into your site.

βœ‹ Why is this company using TrustedLogin?

It’s easier for you to grant access.

No more creating users, filling in details, and copying and pasting usernames and passwords. Just click a button and support has been granted!

You can share the Site Access Key publicly!

You can share your Site Access Key on forums or Facebook Pages. Sharing your Site Access Key is safe because it is encrypted using multiple levels of encryption. Only the company you grant access to can decrypt your Site Access Key.

Access auto-expires.

You don’t need to remember to delete TrustedLogin access; it will clean up after itself! There will be no ghost credentials that leave a security hole in your site.

If you have any questions about the TrustedLogin service, please email [email protected].